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First photos of disassembled PD10 Freelander 3G

PD10 Freelander 3G – it's a 7-inch tablet on MTK 6575 chip with built-in GPS-module. IT has several versions:

1. 512MB RAM / 4GB ROM

2. 1GB RAM / 8 GB ROM

3. 1GB RAM / 16GB ROM

Today we will look on 512MB of RAM model.

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Philips W732 – smartphone based on MTK 6575 with IPS-screen

Philips W732 – smartphone based MTK 6575 platform, with a good IPS-screen resolution of 480×800 and battery with capacity 2400mAh. The article provides a brief overview of the smartphone Philips W732, the results of benchmark tests, as well as pictures made by built-in 5MP camera.

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С 1 по 6 октября в Китае празднуют День образования КНР. Посылки будут отправлять 29-30 сентября и продолжат 7 октября.
Coolpad F1 $161
Lenovo A8 $187
OnePlusOne $360/$415
Xiaomi Note $200
Xiaomi Mi4 $385
Cube Talk 79 Octa $180
Lenovo LBH505 $19/$21
SJ4000 Wifi $96
Xiaomi MiBand $28.82
Xiaomi&Lenovo powerbank $22
Xiaomi Router Mini $43
Takstar Pro80 $54
Takstar HD6000 $69

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